We have recently had some positive feedback from some service users, and SPECTRUM CIL who our Community Health Engagement Officer had the pleasure of joining virtually for their staff meeting, to discuss potential joint working and gain vital feedback from wheelchair service users. Here are some of the positive comments we’ve received:


“It was good to meet you both at the SPECTRUM staff meeting yesterday. It felt a very worthwhile and useful, constructive conversation, and it was reassuring to hear of the improvement measures you have introduced at Millbrook Wheelchair Services in recent months. I realize your presentation at the meeting was planned with a view to opening up a dialogue between our two companies/organisations, and I feel confident that will prove a positive link for the future.” – SPECTRUM staff meeting member 


“On a personal basis I have already experienced first-hand an improvement in your service by way of the routine visit of your engineer a couple of weeks ago to service my electric wheelchair, when he identified the need for new batteries and returned and fitted them within literally a few days” –NHS Hampshire & IOW wheelchair service user